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Why I Became a Health Coach

From Leotards to Spanx: Why I Became a Health Coach

From Leotards to Spanx: Why I Became a Health Coach

After 29 years of dieting, I put my foot down and said NO MORE!

My relationship with weight loss began at age 9, when my dance teacher said out loud for all to hear, “You need to be eating lettuce, lettuce, lettuce.”

My round cheeks flushed fire engine red. The one thing I had always loved to do suddenly became something I didn’t love so much anymore. With those six words, I learned at nine years old that I wasn’t acceptable. I was different than the other girls and it was not okay. I needed to change.

A week later, my doctor declined to sign a required release for me to join Weight Watchers. He said I wasn’t overweight for a child my age and height. My mom, having the best intentions, worked it out with another doctor and I began my first diet. As the years passed, I began gaining and losing weight often, trying all different types of diets and by the time I reached high school, I had a real weight problem. Instead of a few pounds to lose, I now had  about 35-40 pounds to lose, despite being very active.

Fast forward.

I have gained and lost almost 1,000 pounds. Yes, many of those being the same 10-20 pounds at a time. I never thought my life would be continuously weaved with nutrition lessons, fitness regimens, dieting tips, slimming clothing tricks, Spanx, weight loss pills, powders, more Spanx, awful tasting packaged food and everything else I have tried, or… rather endured. I’ve worked in the medical field as a device rep for the last nine years as well, so I have had a rather large exposure to the many aspects of the Health Industry. Including doctors.

So, why become a health coach?

When I heard of health coaching, I had no idea it even existed. How could I have missed this in my endless attempts at losing weight? Why haven’t any of my doctors, friends or even the physicians I called on at work, told me about this? Well that’s just it. They didn’t know. Frankly, I’ve learned that not that many people know about health coaches and doctors are usually not aware of them unless a health coach has approached them directly.

So, what is a health coach? My initial thought, “Oh, a personal trainer.” Nope. A health coach is someone who helps you achieve the results that you want by looking at your habits, behaviors and mindset. They help to guide, reflect, encourage, support and hold you accountable when needed. It is not paying for a piece of paper with a list of foods to eat or avoid. It is a different way, a very personalized way, of approaching change to your health and lifestyle. The more I learned about health coaching, the more excited and passionate I was!  

I became a health coach because I want to help others who’ve had similar challenges, as well as help younger kids who are struggling with their weight. I have battled with my weight so much in my life and I am living proof that dieting isn’t the answer. I truly understand how weight can affect all aspects of ones life because I have walked in those shoes. While I may not be a size 6, I am not plagued by the usual problems heavier peopleRhonda Byrne have. I am not Diabetic (or pre-Diabetic), I do not have high cholesterol or blood pressure and I am not on any type of medications. I attribute this to years of being active and eating healthy types of foods. And… I am currently training to do my second half marathon in September, which is exciting!

My ultimate goal is to reach out to people who feel like they are in this by themselves, to change the minds of those life long dieters who think there is no way out or that they may never lose this weight, to say “keep dancing” to the young girls in leotards whose bodies aren’t ballet ideal, to be an advocate of learning how to eat
healthy versus dieting and to ultimately provide value through personal experience, nutrition info, trying new recipes, sharing health news, etc. to the readers of this blog.

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