Because getting healthy and losing weight is about more than a just a diet!

“I’ll Start on Monday”

Many of us have tried to lose weight over and over again. We tell ourselves, “Well, I already screwed up I might as well eat what I want.” But we wouldn’t slash three other tires if we got one flat tire right? Have you ever said, “I’ll start on Monday?” It is often thought or said after eating “bad” foods or not exercising for a long period of time.

“I’ll start Monday” was always a mantra in our household and I grew up with diets always starting on that day. As an adult, that mantra became part of my subconscious thinking and I found I would eat what I wanted on the weekends and spend the work week trying to make up for the damage of last Saturday and Sunday. We get so crazy with these games we play in our minds, but rarely do we realize that we tend to win at the game we are playing. Hmmm. Why is that? As a previous lifelong dieter, I think we get caught up in a lot of what Todd Durkin calls Head Trash. We’ve got all this stuff going on and what we really need to do is take out the trash. Get rid of the Head Trash and stop with the excuses, justifications, reasoning, etc. Clean it all out!

Now, do you have a blank slate? Great!

The one thing I have discovered when talking with those that have lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off is consistency. Yes, I know. It’s not exciting, sexy or even fun sounding. But, it is the one thing that all successful people have in common, no matter what plan they follow. Consistency in exercise, eating healthy foods and keeping negative thoughts at bay. And…most of the time, those successful at weight loss are exercising in the morning, prepping their meals and keeping a positive attitude. It has become their routine. They are consistent in their routine. Just like we wouldn’t go a day without brushing our teeth, they do not go a day without following their healthy routine. Why? Consistent exercise aids in weight loss and helps manage stress.  Consistency in food choices fuels weight loss and is key in maintenance. You can’t eat healthy just for one day and expect to lose a ton of weight. We need to be consistent in choosing healthy, nourishing foods that help the body function properly and keep our body moving.

So stop and think the next time you tell yourself, “I’ll start on Monday.” Try something new! Aim for consistency in exercise, healthy eating and positive thinking instead of gunning for another diet. After all, I’ll start Monday is just another way of reiterating Nike’s slogan of “Yesterday you said tomorrow.”

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  • OMG losing weight and maintaining it has been so hard for me but it’s definitely something I’m working on. My biggest problem is of course – consistency. But I think this time I’m gonna get it and do it right. Thanks for this post, it’s a friendly reminder of how I can get this done the right way!

    Danielle | <3

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