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Do we create barriers to our own success?

Do we create barriers to our own success?

As someone who has been battling their weight for nearly 30 years, I have never thought of weight loss as something that was easy. To me, it always seemed like a personal war. I know that is a familiar feeling for lots people and many of my clients have confirmed these types of thoughts and emotions when discussing weight challenges.

In thinking about this question over the last few months now, I think I have come to a few conclusions… Not only is weight NOT a mathematical equation (Biggest Loser has proved that to us on national television again and again), but there are many other non-food and non-exercise components that factor into our weight, one huge component being our minds. Yes, sleep, stress and a lot of other aspects are important, but in my opinion, our minds can determine our success or our failure.

Our brain is more powerful than we sometimes give it credit for.

Avoidance and Weight Loss

Avoidance and Weight Loss

Have you ever said, “I want to lose weight,” then the next second you were ordering french fries at the drive-thru or staying on the couch, clicking through channel after channel instead of going to the gym? If you’ve been on the weight loss train for […]

I Tried It! Recipe Review: Zucchini Lasagna

I Tried It! Recipe Review: Zucchini Lasagna

I am not sure if you’re like me, but I collect recipes! I don’t always get to try them because I have so much going on, but I am challenging myself to try a handful of recipes each month and post about them. (And, I will post the good, the bad and the downright ugly! Even if it doesn’t go well!)

Today, I have a wonderful recipe that I tried a while ago but keep making over and over again. I have made some modifications to it and will share those modifications with you.

This recipe comes from a wonderful site called SkinnyTaste and I love it because the recipes are easy, tasty and easily sorted by Gluten-free or Kid Friendly, etc.

Here is the recipe: Zucchini Lasagna

This is an easy meal to make and my family loves it! Even the ones who complain about healthy eating! Oh, and it is gluten-free as well!

Here are the modifications I made:

  • I add shredded Carrots and sliced Mushrooms to my sauce.
  • I use lean ground turkey in lieu of lean ground beef.
  • I also only use about 2c of the Mozzarella and will add about 3/4c-1c of Parmesan cheese instead of the 4c of Mozzarella.
  • I do not grill the zucchini as we like it to have a little firmness to it, so I just salt it, dab off the excess water and start building my layers. (I love grilled food, but hate doing it so tried it this way and it seems to work well).
  • Sometimes I will add Black Olives as well if I have them on hand. They are a great source of good fat and our family loves them!

This is a hearty meal and will last in the fridge for about a week. I have also put half of the lasagna in the freezer when it was just me in the house and it kept very well.

Below is their picture and my picture. We thought about the picture after serving people…Not too shabby for a novice!

To your health!

SkinnyTaste Lasagna
SkinnyTaste Lasagna
My Version
To “Shop the Perimeter” or Not?

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The Many Names of Sugar

The Many Names of Sugar

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