Because getting healthy and losing weight is about more than a just a diet!

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Private coaching is an opportunity to have a completely tailored road map to health, developed by understanding your personal health history, lifestyle, daily habits, behaviors, desires and specific goals. Have you tried everything under the sun from trendy diets to cleanses to New Years resolutions, yet you just weren’t able to stick with it or it didn’t work? That may be a sign it is time to partner up with someone to help encourage you, guide you, support you and also hold you accountable when needed. Now may be the best time for you to work with a personal Health Coach.

As your Health Coach, I will motivate you and help you make progress where you may have been stuck before. We will get clear on goals and discover what your motivating factors are in making these changes. We will also evaluate habits, behaviors and mindset so we know where your starting point is and where you want to go. My goal is to help you get there by making tiny changes every day, creating big results that will LAST a lifetime!

If you are tired of the go-at-it-alone approach or need personalized attention, schedule a Discovery Session today! We will uncover what is stopping you or slowing you down, develop a powerful vision for what you want your life to look like and establish a step-by-step plan to get you on your way in 90-days or less! Schedule your session by clicking HERE.


Working together as a group can be great for those that enjoy more of a community approach, like to support and encourage others and prefer to have meetings that are dynamic in nature, with members who are open to sharing experiences and success.  Group Coaching programs include one or more group sessions via webinar*, access to a closed and exclusive Facebook community, healthy guides, nutritious recipes, easy grocery lists, fun activity ideas, etc.

Group coaching programs that are consistently offered are:

  • 28-DAY Quick Start Program
  • 5-Day Workweek Detox
  • FREE Healthy Habits Challenge (See Facebook Page)

If you would like to join one of our group coaching programs, please check our social media pages for the next upcoming dates. If you have a group of people that you are interested in running a program for, please schedule an appointment HERE. Note: These programs may also be run as a fundraiser as well and require a scheduled appointment to discuss details.


Looking to motivate existing members, re-engage past class attendees or increase client numbers? Try offering nutritional or behavior based events for your studio or club! Any of the our group coaching programs, such as Detoxes, Cleanse or Jump-Start programs can be utilized for your facility easily. We can also create a unique program tailored to your members’ needs or wants. To schedule an appointment to discuss the program that works best for your facility, please click HERE. Please include any pertinent details or information about what you would like to offer your members and the length of the program. Sessions can be held virtually, via telephone or in-person and are not required to be location based.


Sharing the message of living a healthy lifestyle is enjoyable for me and I would love to speak to your members, employees, customers, community or to conduct a group workshop developed for your needs! As a quick heads up, I am a self-proclaimed “Reformed Dieter” and do not subscribe to one specific diet theory or approach. (for more on this, please see my About page and Blog). I believe in eating real, whole foods, moving your body daily, managing stress and focusing on change through habits, behaviors and mindset. To schedule an appointment to discuss hosting a talk or workshop, please click HERE.

I look forward to working with you!

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